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Bible verses that some have distorted
Visitor to the web site Wrote:I want to know more about this mystery of the seven books of Moses and the implications. I would like to know how I can get a copy of it.
This is no mystery, once you have been told the answer. It is simply that there is a traditional alternative way of dividing up the Torah of Moses, into 7 "books" instead of 5 books. The 7 "books" are as follows:
1) Book of Genesis, 2) Book of Exodus, 3) Book of Leviticus
4) Book of Numbers, verses 1:1 through 10:34
5) Book of Numbers, verses 10:35 through 10:36
6) Book of Numbers, versus 11:1 through end
7) Book of Deuteronomy
The two verses that make up all of "book" #5 of 7 in the above arrangement are set apart in all hand-written Torah scrolls by an upside-down letter "nun" before and after those two verses [like a set of square brackets]. The reason they are set apart is because G-d instructed Moses to insert them out of the chronological order of the stories in that section of the Book of Numbers, in order to separate between the preceding story of a rebellious behavior [rushing to leave Mt. Sinai], and the story of another rebellion which follows immediately [their complaining on the way]. So we find some positive verses inserted by
G-d so that two negative accounts do not follow one immediately after the other.

We can learn from this that if you feel that you have to criticize someone for more than one negative thing, you should always try to find something positive to say about him or her in between. As the Baal Shem Tov taught, making a positive statement about someone [and especially if you make positive statements only] will actually help to bring out the hidden good that lies within that person. This is one of the main things we learn from the "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" which make up the Five Books of the Torah of Moses.

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