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Bible verses that some have distorted
Jezebel "the daughter of Ethbaal" (I Kings 16:31) was an idolatrous Phoenician woman who was taken as a wife by Ahab the king of Israel.

There was no court that convicted her or had her executed for her many sins. ELISHA prophecied about what would happen to her body when she would eventually die (II Kings 9:10).

She died by the command of Yehu, who told his faithful followers to push her out of the palace window she was leaning out of when he came to the city of Jezreel, after his forces defeated the army of Israel (under King Ahaziah). See II Kings 9:33.

The simple meaning of Jezebel's name is that it was a derivative of her father's name (Ethbaal), or that she considered herself a daughter of an idol by that name.

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