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Is "Kilayim" (planting mixed seeds) prohibited for Gentiles?
These answers cover the topic of planting (or sowing) mixtures of seeds of different types of produce. Such a mixture is called "kilayim" in Hebrew. (The topic of cross-grafting different species of fruit trees, or cross-grafting fruit trees with fruit vines, is covered in "The Divine Code," Part IV, Chapter 9.)

1. With regard to eating:

(a) a Gentile may eat any and all kilayim produce, regardless of who planted it and where it was planted;

(b) a Jew is forbidden to eat or otherwise benefit from one specific type of kilayim, which is "kilay ha'kerem" (a planted mixture of grapes and grains), regardless of who planted it and where or why it was planted.

2. With regard to planting:

(a) a Gentile may plant kilayim for himself and for other Gentiles anywhere in the world;

(b) in the Land of Israel only, a Jew may not have a Gentile plant kilayim if the Gentile would be doing so as an agent for the Jew. For example, if a Jew erred and wanted to have kilayim growing in his field in Israel, and the Jew wants to hire a Gentile to do this work, the Gentile should not do this for the Jew.

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