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Not mixing diary and meat without a vow to avoid
When I eat out, I always try to specify that I would like my burger or whatever without cheese. I do this because the Torah says that God considers it "an abomination" FOR JEWS to mix meat with cheese or butter. I avoid cheese on my burgers for this reason, always reminding myself that God does not command it of me.
First question: is that is an acceptable practice?
Sometimes, my burger (or whatever) will arrive with cheese. I rarely complain about anything someone has set before me because I am grateful for the food and I do not wish to embarrass them by complaining. The exceptions would be poultry that is undercooked or some other potentially dangerous condition. Egg shells in my omelet? I blow it off. I have been a cook and I know egg shells in the eggs can sometimes happen no matter how careful the cook is (it also means they used real eggs.)
Second question: is it permitted for me to eat the cheeseburger (or whatever), knowing I have no commandment not to and I have made no vow to avoid mixing? (I just TRY to do it to remind myself there is Someone Above Whose opinion I should be mindful of.)

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Not mixing diary and meat without a vow to avoid - by Mattityahu ben Noach - 10-20-2011, 02:56 PM

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