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"Mountain Oysters"
Here in the South, there is a meat item that is sometimes offered. They're called "mountain oysters" or sometimes "Rocky Mountain oysters." Essentially they are bull testicles.
I know that it is forbidden to eat the limb of an animal which was removed while the animal was still alive. It is my understanding Mountain Oysters are removed while the bull is alive, making them forbidden for Gentiles. I would assume they are forbidden for Jews, too, but...
1) Are they kosher for Jews if the animal was dead before they were removed?
2) Are they okay for Gentiles if it can be ascertained with certainty the animal was dead before they were removed?
3) If they are not kosher for Jews but are okay for Gentiles if removed after the animal is dead, would/could a Jewish butcher (I think the word is "shochet") set the body apart for Gentiles to eat?

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