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Written Divine Names

Quote:If one has a document that contains a name of G-d but which is no longer needed, it is best to set it aside in a safe place so that it will not be thrown into the garbage, etc. When one accumulates a number of such items and they need to be disposed of, it is considered to be appropriate to respectfully bury them, so they will decompose within the ground.
from your webpage, .

I just noticed that in my local newspapers and phonebooks they sometimes write out G-d in certain articles and advertisements.  Also I have some old catalogs from Artscroll that has examples of pages of books which have The Name written out.  Can I dig a hole in my backyard and bury these items that I no longer need? How does one respectfully bury these items?

I thought I've heard that they can be burned also.  Can I burn these articles in a fireplace or such?  

Is there a prayer that would be appropriate to recite when disposing of such items?  I know that HaShem is aware of my thoughts, words and actions at all times but would like to verbalize that I'm not trying to desecrate His Holy Name.


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