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The Noahide Commandments & source locations
Sh'lom! I wonder, what does the oral Torah say about the seven commandments? Maybe its very much? What is the basic things said about them? Does it say how HaShem gave them to Adam and Chavvah and then to Noah?
Can a noahide study the parts of the Oral Torah which are written about the Seven Commandments, or is it to be read only by jews, who are supposed to tell the noahides what is written for them?
The Torah is the only source of the Commandments (of course it is). And HaShem is of course the real Source, because HE is the Source of the Torah). But have the rabbis written much about them (the Commandments) that is a guidance for Noahides?

And, a question that maybe goes a bit outside the real question: Is only the Torah (the Written and the Oral) from HaShem, or has HaShem inspired the rabbis so that they have written HaShem's words? Or has the Torah (the Written and the Oral from HaShem) been their only guiding light (or, of course, if Torah is their guiding light, HaShem is, because they know Him from His Torah.).
For example, is the Rambam's writings about the Noahide Commandments as reliable as the sayings from the Torah? I don't think so, but I can't know.
The first thing i think is that Torah is from HaShem, and the Rambam's writings are from the Torah, not directly derived from HaShem Him Self.
The question: can we trust the rabbis like we can trust the Torah? Or i think we HAVE to trust the rabbis, because they had knowledge about the entire Torah so they could interpret the Torah correctly. Am i right?

Is it the best to read the Laws straight from the Torah, or is it better to read, for example, the Divine Code? I think it would be very hard to just read the Torah, because one needs so much wisdom to understand it.
Or shall we read both the Torah and books about it?
Can we read only books about the Torah instead of the Torah itself, or do we need to read BOTH the Torah and those books?

And another, maybe completly irrelevant, question: from where did the rabbis and the Rebbe get their wisdom? Is it from the Torah, or does HaShem make them wise? Are they wise because they have been reading the Torah much, or do they read the Torah because they are so wise?
It maybe sounds like a silly question, but i dont know. I know one can get very wise by reading the Torah, but maybe one needs wisdom to read it?

Sorry for this long and maybe strange question. The main questions are: "what is the main source of the Noahide Commandments: the Written Torah or the Oral Torah?" and: "Can we allways trust the writings from the rabbis, or do we(or maybe someone who knows the Torah well) have to look if they are Torah true?" and "What is wisdom?".
I hope you will understand my english, i have a hard time expressing my self in English, so maybe my questions are a bit un-clear?

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