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Noahide man wearing a kipa (yarmulke) or a beard
joshua Wrote:I have a good understanding now about a Noahide man covering his head for G-d, but my question is: If a Noahide who does this goes into a courtroom, or some other place where he's supposed to uncover his head, can he say that he can't for "religious reasons," even though he cannot add a command to the Noahide Code? What I mean is, if a Noahide wants to keep his head covered in a courtroom for religious reasons, is that adding a commandment or precept?

In such a situation, the Noahide man can say that he keeps his head covered as a matter of religions conviction, so he requests exemption from having to leave his head uncovered. Probably that will be enough to get the permission that's requested.

But if the authorities refuse, the Noahide should uncover his head if he's required to be there, since he's not obligated to keep his head covered.

Certainly the Noahide can uncover his head briefly if the authorities just want to make an inspection to verify that there are no forbidden objects or substances being concealed.

In general, if a Noahide man wants to keep his head covered as an expression of his fear of G-d and submission to G-d Who is the Supreme King over him at all times, he should make a statement that he is doing that without a vow, so it won't be a problem later on if he changes his mind or if he feels that he is being required to remove his head covering.

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