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The Rosh Hashanah season
I am concerned about the procedures that we should follow for this time, especially the prayers for the annulment of vows and the specific types of prayer for the preparation for the Days of Awe. I am almost anxious that I will not be prepared and will miss out on the blessing of the coming year. Where should I go for some form of direction and/or liturgy that I may follow, that I may express what my soul is yearning to do during this specific time?

Please respond ASAP, Thanks
There is no special procedure that a Noahide needs to follow in the days leading up to, on, or following Rosh HaShanah. Since the first day of Rosh HaShanah is the annual day of judgment for every human being, every person should wake up on these days from his spiritual slumber and set aside personal times to make an honest accounting of his character and obedience to G-d - what good aspects need to be strengthened, and what improper aspects need to be corrected. Prayers of repentance, as well as guidelines for whether and how a Non-Jew can nullify a vow that he regrets, are discussed on our web page

There are Jewish customs to say Psalm 27 daily from Rosh Chodesh Elul (one month before Rosh HaShanah) through Hoshanah Rabbah (the last intermediate day of Sukkot), and Psalm 130 daily from Rosh HaShanah through Yom Kippur. In general one can add in reciting any Psalms during these days (for example, Psalm 51). Above all, one should know that sincere repentance (especially when accompanied by prayer and proper charity) can soften or change the judgment, for G-d desires that those who transgress their commandments should return from that path and live (both physically and spiritually).

If you have made a specific vow or oath that you regret having made and wish to have annulled (at any time during the year), you should consult about that with a local Orthodox Rabbi.
joshua Wrote:Can Noahides blow the shofar before community prayers, or any other time for worship?

Since blowing a shofar in connection with prayers and worship is a ritual commandment and sign for the Jews, it should not be taken on as a practice by Noahides, because of the prohibition against adding additional commandments or creating new religious practices. However, it is permitted for Noahides to listen when a Jew blows a shofar.

This audio clip on our site includes a traditional shofar blowing starting at the time 2:24:

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