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Prayer and Deeds for Deceased Ancestors
I would suggest the following recitation for funeral and memorial services for Noahides:

The Rock - His working is perfect, for all His paths are justice; a G-d of faithfulness and without iniquity, He is righteous and fair! (Deuteronomy 32:4)

We know, G-d, that Your judgment is righteous; You are righteous when You speak and pure when You judge. There is naught to murmur about the way of Your judgment. You are righteous, G-d, and Your judgments are fair.

G-d gave, and G-d took; blessed be the Name of G-d!

[Memorial Prayer for a specific Gentile]:

May G-d remember the soul of [my father, mother, husband, wife, etc. - recite name of the deceased with names of parents, and if desired one can add the family name], who has gone on to [his/her] world. By virtue of my praying on [his/her] behalf, and, without making a vow, my intent to donate to charity on [his/her] behalf, may [his/her] soul be bound in the Bond of Life together with the souls of the righteous, and let us respond: Amen.

Psalm 49 and/or Psalm 139 should be recited as meditations on earthly life.

All the above - or part thereof - can be recited at most daily, at funeral, memorial meetings, anniversary of death or other special occasions that they feel appropriate.

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