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Prayer and Deeds for Deceased Ancestors
Shalom Donny,

These questions are not the standard type of questions, and they required much thought and research. I will answer straight off that I don't intend for these to be clear-cut authoritative answers.

I do not see any prohibition in Noahides going to an ancestral grave.

Noahides are not commanded in honoring their parents, other than being careful to not embarass them (as we see that Lavan showed that he was a wicked person when he embarassed his father Besuel - Rashi on Gen. 24:50). It is however praiseworthy if a Noahide does choose to actively honor a parent during the parent's lifetime, not as a commanded obligation, but to be rewarded by heaven for such a good deed.

The reason Jews pray at graves of righteous individuals is to invoke G-d's mercy upon us in the merit of the souls of the righteous whose bodies are interred there. This custom is extended to the graves of one's ancestors also.

As for which chapters of Psalms, all are acceptable, as there are many customs among Jews as to which ones to say. For example, Psalm 90.

A faithful Noahide should not worry about going to pay respects to a deceased parent in a non-Jewish cemetary. Just focus on your own personal reason for being there.
Rabbi Yitz

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