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Exposing Misinformation about Ger, Ger-Toshav & Ger-Tzedek
1. Just as you found out through your research of Torah-Law sources, there is only one correct Torah-Law (halachic) definition of "Ger Tzedek", and that is a person who was born as a Non-Jew, and he/she went through the process of authentic conversion according to Torah Law, and thereby became a Jew.

2. Those who claim that there is a Non-Jewish type of "Ger Tzedek" are woefully confused or misinformed or in denial as to the correct and firmly established Torah Law (halacha) about this matter, and it is a pity that such wrong information is being disseminated over the Internet. What's worse, it puts many well-meaning but naive people who accept that false claim at risk of transgressing against some important principles of the Noahide Code (for example, by taking upon themselves to observe ritual commandments from the Torah that are only permitted for Jews).

As proof of the correct definition of "Ger Tzedek", see for example Rambam (Maimonides), Mishneh Torah, Laws of Gifts to the Poor 1:9, which states (translating directly from the original Hebrew):

"All [occurrences of the term] 'Ger' [in the Five Books of Moses] which are said regarding [the commanded agricultural] gifts to the poor - are nothing other than a 'Ger Tzedek'. This is as it says regarding the [commanded] tithe for the poor (Deut. 14:29): 'And the Levite and the 'Ger' will come." Just as the Levite is a member of the [Jewish] covenant, so too this 'Ger' is a member of the [Jewish] covenant..."

The point to notice here is that Rambam is clearly teaching that the term "Ger Tzedek" refers to nothing other than a member of G-d's covenant with the Jewish people, which a Non-Jew acquires through authentic Torah-Law conversion to become a Jew.

It should also be pointed out that this paragraph in Mishneh Torah continues: "...Nevertheless, we do not hold back poor Gentiles from these [agricultural gifts]; rather, they [may] come together with poor Israelites [Jews] and take them, for the sake of the ways of peace."

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