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Exposing Misinformation about Ger, Ger-Toshav & Ger-Tzedek
Maimonides rules that there is no formal status of "Ger Toshav" these days (according to the scriptural definition), since the Lost Tribes of Israel have not yet been returned to their original borders within the Holy Land, and furthermore there is no proper Sanhedrin to regulate these matters. Both the ingathering of all the Jewish exiles from the Diaspora, and the establishing of an authentic Sanhedrin, will be accomplished by Moshiach (the Messiah, descended from David) when he is revealed speedily in our days.

There is, however, a status of Noahide "Hassid" (a pious individual of the nations, or "Hassidei Umot Ha'Olom"). A Noahide Hassid is one who accepts upon him/herself the obligation of fulfilling the Seven Noahide Commandments (Mitzvot) as was commanded by G-d through Moses. This qualifies a Gentile to live in Israel today according to the Torah. (This personal acceptance of the Noahide Code can optionally be formalized by making a declaration before a Jewish "court" of three Orthodox Jewish men). But if a Gentile merely accepts the seven mitzvot only because they are logical to him, then the person is not considered a Noahide Hassid.
Rabbi Yitz

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