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Is it OK to learn Hebrew and learn the Torah in Hebrew?
Sh'lom Elinor,

oceanoah Wrote:Shalom Rabbi
Is it possible that a Noahide use Torah software that reads the holy text and pronounces the words?
Isn't just reading the text or listening and repeating being considered a holy act? Is that a Mitsvah for Noahides too?

Rabbi Yitz asked me to refer you to his post #2 above, in which he wrote:

rabbiyitz Wrote:#3. As for Torah study though, a believing Gentile may read the Hebrew Bible (Tanach), etc. if it is only to gain knowledge of what is written and not to involve one's self in expounding Torah or seeking to derive new explanations in it.

It wasn't brought out there as a separate point, but the purpose for a Noahide to be involved with Torah is for gaining or reviewing knowledge and understanding which will improve and enhance one's observance of the Seven Noahide Commandments (which includes quoting Bible verses as words of prayer, in a language that's understood). So if a Noahide is just *reciting* the words of Torah in a language that is not understood, especially the original Hebrew, that is an inappropriate involvement in Torah.

Just reciting the original Hebrew text, or listening and repeating, even if it is not understood, in only a mitzvah for a Jew, since it is included within the Jewish commandment to be involved with words of Torah.

There does not seem to be any problem if a Noahide who does not understand Hebrew just listens to someone else reading the text. Thus a Noahide could attend a synagogue service and listen to the Torah being read, but there would be no mitzvah involved in that.

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