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Sabbath restrictions are for Jews only
Dear friends,

I have, and I am reading "The Divine Code," so I know the opinion is that non-Jews should NOT keep the Sabbath as Jews are commanded to. On a group, some of the members are pressing non-Jews to keep the Sabbath, assuring me that this is Biblical, and one cited Isaiah 56:1-8.
I have told them we (non-Jews) do MARK the day, but do NOT "Keep" it.
What can you tell me?
Perhaps this is the crux of the issue, but the person who posted the above began by undermining the rabbis. _I_ understand Deut. 17:8-13 has G-d designating the sages and rabbis of Israel as His experts on Torah, but the person who wrote the above is new to the group, and I do not yet know if they are aware of the passage or not.

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