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Judaism's Branches and Noahides
When making decisions about sharing the same home with a Jewish person or family, or living in the same home as a renter or boarder, or even just visiting, one important thing to keep in mind is a Jew's obligation to observe his or her prohibition against being alone in a private setting with a person of the opposite gender who is not his or her spouse or a close family member. That is in general terms, and there are lots of details in this Jewish law that depend on specific situations and scenarios. This topic is reviewed from the perspective of Noahide observance in the book "The Divine Code," Part VI, ch. 7, pp. 546-558.

If the Jewish person is keeping a kosher kitchen with kosher vessels and utensils for cooking and eating, the rules for the Gentile housemate's use of the kitchenware and appliances would have to be worked out.

For specific practical questions, a reliable Orthodox rabbi should consulted.

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