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Judaism's Branches and Noahides
There is a difference between seeking a mentor (for non-obligatory advice), and seeking a correct answer to a question about practical observance of a Noahide Commandment.

If a Noahide needs an answer to a question about practical observance, he/she can ask a Torah-observant person who is expert in the Torah Law for Noahides regarding that subject. Since the Torah Law for Noahides has recently been codified in the book "Sefer Sheva Mitzvot HaShem" by Rabbi Moshe Weiner, it's proper to ask an observant person who has carefully studied that source, or obtain the English translation when it becomes available.

If a Noahide is seeking mentoring (non-obligatory advice) and is wondering who to turn to, he/she can consider the following advice about this that was given by the Rebbe on Purim, 5747 (March 15, '87):

Torah instructs: "Provide yourself with a mentor." But how does one know who to choose as a spiritual guide? The Talmud Tractate Berachos teaches: "A mentor must be like an angel of G-d." In his code of Jewish law, Maimonides offers a clue to the conduct of an angel. He describes the future world, "when there will be no envy, rivalry, war or ha[/font]tred," and concludes: "At that time the righteous will resemble the Ministering Angels." So to resemble an angel of G-d means, to be free of the corruptions of one's body.

This clearly includes freedom from personal "envy, rivalry, war or hatred."

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