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Judaism's Branches and Noahides

Soon I may have a chance to meet a woman who has been said to be an "Orthodox rabbi." However, I didn't think there was such a thing!

I am clear that Orthodox Judaism is the only legitimate type. To have believed in any of the other 'movements,' which in my view are not Judaism, has meant reading from the Jewish Scriptures and then talking about why none of it is relevant to today's world! In truth, the Hebrew Bible is for all generations. I personally believe that any other 'movement' has not really been a form of Judaism but only a corruption. Believing in the legitimacy of other 'movements' has been roughly equivalent to believing there was not an Oral Torah passed down from Mt. Sinai. Based on this line of reasoning, and the proof in the Hebrew Bible of the legitimacy of the Oral Torah itself, I know that Orthodox is the only right way.

So what can be said about "Orthodox rabbi" women? Is it a controversial issue? Or, as some have said, has it only been controversial to those who don't know the halacha?

I feel that Judaism has tremendous respect for women and regards them highly, but doesn't pretend that men and women are exactly the same. My gut tells me that a woman can't be an Orthodox rabbi, but if not, then why not?

Please give references to prove the opinion conveyed in your response.

Thank you very much for your help,


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