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Burial for Noahides
Regarding cremation, here is the answer that's posted on this FAQ web page:

As a Divine directive, Genesis 3:19 is a Torah commandment for Jews, who have many positive (“to do”) commandments in addition to many negative (“don’t do”) commandments. On the other hand, Gentiles do not transgress the Noahide Code if they utilize another process such as cremation or cryogenic preservation. But a meritorious soul will lack the mode of spiritual cleansing from unrepentant sins that burial in the earth can provide.
Rabbi Moshe Weiner of Jerusalem explains that based on that Torah verse, burial in the ground is a moral obligation for all Gentiles, so they should not be cremated. Nevertheless, these matters are not Torah-law requirements for Gentiles.
From the Mishnah, “Ethics of the Fathers” (Pirkei Avot) 3:14 – “[Rabbi Akiva] used to say: Beloved is Man, for he was created in the image [of G-d]; it is an even greater love that it was made known to him that he was created in the image [of G-d], as it is stated, “For in the image of G-d He made man” (Gen. 1:27).
This refers to all mankind, since the quoted verse in Genesis refers to all human beings. This was repeated to Noah in Genesis 9:6. A practical lesson that results from this is that since a human body is the temporary host to the image of G-d within a living person, which is the human intellect that can know right from wrong, it should not be treated disrespectfully, even in death. Therefore, burial is preferred and encouraged for Gentiles, since it is the most honorable way to treat the special significance of the deceased human body, which was a host to a human soul that is created “in the image of G-d.”

So it is not a sin for Gentiles if they don't bury their dead intact, but as a part of Torah, they can accept it upon themselves in order to gain these advantages.

Regarding tattos, please see Rabbi Yitz's answer in the thread "Tattoo Markings" at

Regarding piercings: this is a problem (in terms of the Noahide Code) if the piercing is hazardous to the person's health. For example, there are radio advertisements from the American Dental Association which warn people about the health hazards of tongue piercings.

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