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Vows and Oaths
There is a chapter on "Laws of Vows and Promises" for Gentiles in the book "The Divine Code," Volume 1, by Rabbi Moshe Weiner.

If someone says that he vows or swears that he will do something, then he has made a vow. In that case, he is obligated to keep his word.

For Gentiles, there is no specific Divine commandment to fulfill a vow, nor is there a Divine commandment not to transgress a vow. However, fulfilling a vow is obligatory according to human intelligence. (Certainly one should not deliberately lie that he will do something, unless he is in a desperate situation and he needs to save himself or someone else from harm.) The obligation is especially strict if the person vows or swears in a name of G-d, or if he pledges to give a donation to a proper charity.

If he only said that he would do something, or he promised but not in G-d's name and not as an oath, the obligation is not as serious as a vow. However, one should make it a habit when he says he'll do something, and even if he promises, to say that it is "without a vow" ("b'li neder" in Hebrew).

If you told someone you would do something and you don't fulfill it, through your own neglect or unforseen circumstances, you should apologize to the person and ask to be forgiven. If it was your own fault, you should also repent and ask for forgiveness from G-d.

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