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Noahide ritual purity?
By the Grace of G'd

Dr. Schulman and Academy of Rabbis

In the case of issue of involuntary semen, previously mentioned that at night can happen, but I would add that the issue can occur during a bath, or during the act of urinating also ... and even randomly at any time.
I've read the book Anatomy of the Soul, that the semen emission begins in the mind, which is worrying because they often do not have control over it ... or at least we can say that has not yet reached that level of correction/retification on this subject .
I ask: Prayer indicated here "Master of the universe! I have done this unwittingly, but it has been caused due to evil musings and reflections. Therefore, may it be Your will, O L-rd my G-d, that You, in Your great mercy, erase this iniquity of mine, and save me from sinful thoughts for ever and ever. Amen, so may it be Your will." is adequate enough? Or was higher do Tikkun Clali, the 10 psalms?
Always grateful for your attention.


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