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Noahide ritual purity?

No, a Noahide does not become ritually unclean from bodily discharges. Also, Noahide men and women have no requirements for any type of purification rituals before praying (during which one of G-D's Names might be mentioned - except for the Tetragramaton, which is not allowed to be pronounced.)

However, when praying, one's body and clothing should be clean and respectable. Furthermore, it says in Psalm 24, "Who may ascend the mountain of the L-rd, and who may stand in His holy place? He who has *clean hands* and a pure heart, who has not used My Name in vain or sworn falsely. He shall receive a blessing from the L-rd, and kindness from G-d, his deliverer." So it is a righteous practice to wash or rinse one's hands with water before praying, if possible, making sure that they are clean from dirt, etc. If there is no water available, the hands can be wiped with a towel or napkin, etc. This is not an obligation for Noahides, but rather a righteous practice.

It is forbidden for a man to spill his seed. If this happens *inadvertantly* while one is sleeping, upon awaking one should clean himself, wash his hands, and pray sincerely with words to this effect:
"Master of the universe! I have done this unwittingly, but it has been caused due to evil musings and reflections. Therefore, may it be Your will, O L-rd my G-d, that You, in Your great mercy, erase this iniquity of mine, and save me from sinful thoughts for ever and ever. Amen, so may it be Your will."

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