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Approaching study of Written and Oral Torah
Is reading too much Torah theft even when it relates to seven laws? I read that it was.

The problem is, the prohibition against this appears to be equivocal and of uncertain interpretation. I therefore feel condemned to reading any of it and wonder if I should be here (in Vayikra or Shulchan Aruch).

In some cases, it is too much to read in Aramaic or Hebrew and in others just to read Jewish ceremonial law even in English in Talmud, Shulcan Aruch and Mishneh Torah?

I went to type 30-35+ wpm in Hebrew and thought I was doing it respect by reading with at least a little comprehension (I thought).

What will become of me if I continue to do so? Hopefully nothing bad. It seemed maybe G-d was angry at me with several signs of heaven although I thought to myself, there was enough material in N.T. to transgress this (which permit reading anything), before switched theology.

Am I under any obligation to "built a fence around the Torah" (Pirkei Avot) even regarding the seven laws?

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