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Approaching study of Written and Oral Torah

I am a Noahide who has been learning more and more recently in an effort to become a fully observant Noahide (though I still have several things I struggle with not doing).

I would like to know why a non-Jew cannot delve deeply into Torah study including the Oral Torah. You see, I am used to - when learning about something - delving into every aspect of it as best I can because I have a thirst for knowledge. I tried to glean the reasoning from the forum without having to ask you something you have been asked probably dozens of times at least. But my question is, why can I (a Noahide) not study all parts of Torah, written and oral, in order to become wiser and to learn - especially if I do not do so in a way that would be taking a new commandment upon myself? I realize why it is that it is forbidden for a Noahide to do so, as taking on a new commandment would be creating a new religion for myself which is clearly not allowed under the Laws of Noah (as I understand them). I also understand why it is that a non-Jew cannot do something like put on Tefillin and other such things. I don't know if I am somehow making a distinction without a difference between that sort of thing and Torah study or not, but I really don't understand this one.

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