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Approaching study of Written and Oral Torah
Torah in essence is the exclusive inheritance of the Jewish people. Thus if a Noahide delves deeply into areas of Torah that do not apply to Noahides, that activity is akin to setting aside one day of the week as a Sabbath. The Talmud in Tractate Sanhedrin even says that it is tantamount to stealing from the Jews. This rule refers to areas of the spiritual realm that are reserved for Jews, and that includes the Talmudic branch of study. Of course in regard to commandments which the Noahide is commanded to observe, it is praiseworthy to delve into these laws, as well as learning the logically incumbent laws such as honoring parents, returning lost objects, and giving charity, etc.

These guidelines are explained in depth in Chapter 5 of the first section of The Divine Code, by Rabbi Moshe Weiner. It covers not only the Talmudic sources and in-depth commentaries that should not be studied by Noahides, but also the great amount of straightforward Torah Law sources (encompassing both all the Jewish commandments and the Noahide Code) that MAY be studied.
Rabbi Yitz

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