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The need for a Rabbi and related questions
Greetings all and Shalom,

I am a UK Noahide, apparently on his own in the sense of "religious" worldview, doing my best to keep the seven laws of Noah as G-d commanded them to Moses. There seems to be no one around me pursuing keeping the Noahide laws. I'm a bit of an oddity in this respect, coming up to 9 years ago (wow, time flies)

I've got a variety of questions.

1) Jewish traditions states that one should find a rabbi for oneself. I'm learning mainly on my own. No study buddy. I read "The Divine Code", the Chumash (Five Books of Moses), and have read other books on the subject of Noahidism that are being promoted by various other groups, including texts that have been posted on-line - whatever I can get my hands on in order to learn the Torah as it concerns me as a Noahide. But I'm doing this on my own. I'm sure you know of the dangers of being on one's own and learning on one's own. I don't want to sin against G-d. But my knowledge comes from books as opposed to verbal teaching. In a way I'm accountable to no one but myself (of course, G-d is my Judge, but speaking on human terms, there's no Noahide or Rabbi to see my actions and correct or encourage me). I will tell you myself, I have to struggle with certain personal and private habits that are in a "grey" area of Noahide law, both because of my marriage to my wife who follows a non-Torah religion, and because of my own weaknesses. Even if I'm not transgressing the seven laws, I know I may not be in the most appropriate situations. I guess part of me fears that if a Rabbi or observant Noahide were to see me, it may make things more difficult for me and my wife and other aspects of my life. I may be rationalizing my own death (a way that seems right to a man, but the ends are the ways of death and destruction - Mishlei/Proverbs).

But the fact is that even with that fear, I'm doing things on my own. And the main question is, if there is no rabbi near me, is it important that I manage to find myself a rabbi? How would I know if this person is my rabbi if my only communication with him may turn out to be infrequent emails and less frequent phone calls (if any)?

2) I may get radio time on a radio station where I live that has a month license (it'll only be on air for a month and mostly likely only in my area). If I get that time, what should I use it to do? Am I qualified to speak on the Noahide laws, if it is best for me to speak of them? Are there any ideas?

3) Someone asked me about something some time ago as an idea for a Youtube video. Again, I question my own qualifications in the Noahide law. Marriage for an observant Noahide: what are the options or choices in a mainly secular (G-dless)/idolatrous culture? Should such a person just look for someone who's willing to just avoid the basic prohibitions of the Noahide law? Marrying an idolator or an atheist (which makes up so much of the culture around us) is not an ideal situation or even that healthy for the Noahide. How would I get the materials to create even a basic video to help those Noahides who may chance upon my Youtube page (no matter how small the likelihood) and be lonely and wanting as deep a relationship as possible in marriage? There was a person on Youtube stating how difficult it is to be an observant Noahide, and one reason he gave was because of the marriage/loneliness issue. Can you help me give a response?

Thanks for any help you can give. I know these are big questions and you have limited time. I guess you know that I have to ask!

Blessing to everyone.

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