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The need for a Rabbi and related questions
Thanks you so much for your reply. I've got more questions. I believe you know I respect your answers.

1) How much of the Noahide law is to be interpreted by Orthodox Rabbis and how much by a Noahide?

2) How does a Noahide know if he's ever qualified to make such decisions?

3) if you can help me get tutelage under a Rabbi and build the ties between our scattered community that would be great.

About Youtube, I'm on of the few, if any, who tries to directly combat those who put down the Noahide law. "The Divine Code" has been an invaluable source and I have used it to refute them. I don't believe I've put across info that is against "The Divine Code". But without vetting from a Torah knowledgeable Jew or Noahide, I've just gotta make sure to speak where no one else appears to speak until someone more qualified comes, or until I become more qualified.

I am not ignorant of the laws, and I do my best to research my answers, making sure to point back to when appropriate. The benefits of having such a voice out there seems to outweigh the risks (which I try to minimize, through study and inquiry).

Thanks for all your help

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