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The need for a Rabbi and related questions
Thank you very much for this encouragement and advice you give. I shall follow up suggestions to read The Divine Code and not mix with any books and writings, i.e. other sites on the web about Noahides, that I think could perhaps, bring to me some confusion. As I need to relax in a big way and to find a relaxing pace I will ask AskNoah Director for a study buddy then sometime later. I do however plan to get onto the program which is the course offers going through The Divine Code. I am ready to right away, and as well, I'll ask my questions to the Rabbis at AskNoah and my fellow Noahides. I like your statement that the Seven Noahide Laws are - and I quote your statement: "about fulfilling your divine responsibility. Don't worry too much about additional commands and responsibilities for now. Do what you MUST do first. Get good at that!" I'll take that advice and because of it being so practical.

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