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The need for a Rabbi and related questions
Hi AskNoah,

In Mishneh Torah, Laws of Kings, chapter 8, halacha 10, it says:

"... A person who formally accepts these commands is called a resident alien (ger toshav). This applies in any place."

When it says "this applies in any place," does that mean a gentile, a noahide, could be a ger toshav even if he isn't in the land of Israel? And is this halakhah? I guess because I am more familiar with the text of the Hebrew Bible, the Torah, I understand "ger" as referring to someone residing in Israel. But then again, I guess if there can be full converts, called ger tzedek, in other countries, would that mean a ger toshav could be in other countries as well, right? Could you please clarify for me?

I'm on a facebook which is trying to share and promote information on the noahide laws. we get visits from muslims and xtians asking questions about the Jewish Bible. Although we've adopted a policy regarding many questions to direct them to rabbis, there are some questions I believe we can answer on the peshat, basic level. A Jewess who is part of the group has condemned us for the questions we do answer saying that noahides shouldn't teach others Jewish Scripture. I get the feeling from her that she will not listen to any of the noahides there so I'm hoping you can clear up a few things.

- are noahides allowed to teach other gentiles and noahides anything about the noahide law?

- are noahides allowed to teach other gentiles and noahides anything about the Jewish Bible?

In other words, what exactly are noahides allowed to teach other noahides? And if some things are ok, is there a Jewish source I can direct the Jewess to, as, based on previous experience of her, I strongly doubt that she will give much weight to the words or reasonings of any gentile/noahide. It's not that she hates gentiles. It's difficult to go into here. But could you help please?

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