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The need for a Rabbi and related questions
It is important to note that neither Rambam (Laws of Kings 9:14) nor Ramban (on Genesis 34) say that Shimon and Levy (or their brothers or Jacob) actually passed a legal judgment on the prince Shechem and the men of his city. Rather, Rambam and Ramban are explaining in their separate opinions why Shimon and Levy felt justified in killing the men, because all of them were already guilty of capital sin. Rambam says the men where liable for death because they failed to judge their prince who transgressed a capital sin. Ramban says the men were guilty of capital sin only for other reasons (their idolatry and sexual transgressions). Either way, Rambam and Ramban are not saying that Shimon and Levy acted under any jurisdiction of the Noahide commandment for Dinim, on the basis of laws and courts. Rather, they are making the point that Shimon and Levy did not kill any righteous, innocent people.

The question that was brought up - with or without connection to the incident of Shechem - is a worthy question: What power of law do expert Rabbis have to instruct Gentiles about their obligations to G-d and decree to them about the practical details of how to observe their Divine commandments?

The answer is according to what was written in the previous post. This is not a matter of judgment in a court case against an accused individual. It is a matter of specifying the details of the Torah Law that people should follow to be acting in accordance with G-d's will. This responsibility rests upon those who are empowered within Torah Law to expound and make decisions about the details of these laws (which include laws for Gentiles). These are the expert Orthodox Rabbis.

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