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Circumcision and procreation for Noahides
From post #2 above, regarding circumscision:
They may request this either of an Orthodox Jewish "mohel" (who is certified to perform traditional Jewish circumcisions), or of a trained medical doctor. Once a Noahide makes the decision to do this, he should follow through without delay.

This is also brought up in note 65 to Part I, Topic 3:5, on page 68 of "The Divine Code" volume 1, that a Gentile who accepts upon himself to be circumscised and does not do so for 12 months is a deviant believer. This is the Rambam's opinion in his Laws of Kings 8:10. How this opinion applies in our time is uncertain: and so it was omitted from the main text of Rav Weiner's book.

So now, my question is
Whether a Gentile can decide to have himself circumscised at any point in time beyond 12 months, integrating either a set time span into his decision or waiting for a certain event, not knowing when in the future it will come about?

Would such a decision be appropriate?

Thank you very much.

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