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Circumcision and procreation for Noahides
(08-05-2012, 12:20 AM)nick Wrote: (i) How do I know if I am descended from a son of Abraham and Keturah? Am I correct in saying that this includes only to Arabic men?

Arabic men are included in the Abrahamic obligation for circumcision, because the many of them are descended from Abraham and Keturah.

If a male Gentile is not Arabic, there is only a very small chance that he is descended patrilinearly from a son of Abraham and Keturah, and therefore he is not obligated to be circumcised (unless he has definite knowledge that it's highly probable that he is descended patrilinearly from Abraham and Keturah).

(08-05-2012, 12:20 AM)nick Wrote: (ii) Would I have to circumcise myself or would I only be obligated to circumcise my male children on the eighth day from birth? What if my son is older than 8 days?

a) The Abrahamic obligation for circumcision is for males of any age from 8 days and older. This obligation is that the person should be circumcised, so of course the operation can be done by a trained professional.

(b) If a Gentile baby boy is circumcised before he is 8 days old, the Abrahamic obligation (if it applies to this baby) is fulfilled.

© If a child is old enough that he might might rebel if he is forced against his will to be circumcised, a parent who wants this for the son should not do so if the child won't come to agree through pleasant and logical persuasion. After a non-Arabic boy has turned 13, it is no longer the parent's gift to G-d if the boy is circumcised. It would be a gift that the young man makes on his own

(08-05-2012, 12:20 AM)nick Wrote: (iii) And finally, what is the meaning of “anyone who wishes to have himself or his son circumcised in observance of this commandment may do so, and he is included with the nations that are in the covenant with Abraham” [from "The Divine Code"] (p.68, footnote 65)?

Abraham accepted upon himself a covenant to follow the One True G-d, as it says about this (Genesis 17:1): I am G-d Al-mighty; walk before me and be "perfect". The Hebrew word translated here as "perfect" means that he was to be wholehearted and complete in his service to the One True G-d, and also complete physically in G-d's eyes, through the removal of the extraneous foreskin. Before that covenant was sealed, Abraham had actually accepted upon himself many years earlier that at whatever time in the future G-d would command him to be physically completed through circumcision, he would readily and lovingly do so. When G-d did finally give Abraham that command, G-d included Abraham's future descendants, and the servants of Abraham who voluntarily followed his teachings of morality and monotheism.

Because this spiritual obligation for circumcision still continues for the many Gentiles (Arabic men), and because it can be done in any event just for the sake of its physical benefits, therefore any male Gentile who wishes to complete himself and/or his young male children as a gift to the One True G-d may do so, and G-d will reward him for following through with this Divine service.

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