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Circumcision and procreation for Noahides
I live in Sweden where circumcision is extremely rare in native Swedes. I had no thought about getting circumcised before reading in this web-forum.

Do I understand it right if I think the norm for noahides is not to get religiously circumcised (if you are not an arab noahid of Abrahams seed)?

rabbiyitz Wrote:But a faithful Noahide who desires to perform one the Jewish mitzvot may do so voluntarily for the sake of the benefits it will bring to him, with a few exceptions noted elsewhere:

With this understanding, a Noahide man may voluntarily have himself circumcised,
rabbiyitz Wrote:Once a Noahide makes the decision to do this, he should follow through without delay.

Is it your opinion that it is better to be circumcised even if it is not a Noahide commandment?


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