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Circumcision and procreation for Noahides
To explain in more detail:

The Torah commandments for procreation and circumcision only place liability to punishment for deliberate non-observance upon adult Jewish males.

An adult Jewish male is commanded to *father* at least one male and at least one female born-Jewish offspring (as his child, or as his grandchild born to his Jewish child).

An adult Jewish male is also commanded to have his born-Jewish sons circumcised by the traditional Jewish ritual circumcision. If a Jewish boy does not receive a traditional Jewish ritual circumcision, he is commanded to have this done for himself when he reaches adulthood.

Circumcision of males (by ritual or standard medical procedure), and procreation with an allowed spouse, are among the righteous acts that Gentiles can optionally choose to observe.

Regarding circumcision for Gentiles, see "The Divine Code," 2nd Edition, Part I, Chapter 3, pages 67-72.

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