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Modern & classic books: Torah ethics, literacy, history
(01-01-2014, 04:40 AM)rocnoahide Wrote: Since there seem to be so many "Noahide" groups and authors out there I am wondering about a number of books/authors which I have either read or had intentions to read (these are Noahide specific). My intention is not to endorse or even ask for highly critical review of the works/authors I am just looking for some basic guidance in relation to some of these texts if any is available.

One answer is that you can study "The Divine Code", 2nd Edition, by Rabbi Moshe Weiner of Jerusalem, and then use that to judge the correctness and reliability of other texts that you might think of reading. Or you can short-cut that process and send a "Contact Us" message asking for basic guidance on the specific text(s) you are interested in:

(01-01-2014, 04:40 AM)rocnoahide Wrote: There are a number of books which take critical looks at teachings/doctrines of my former non-Torah religion. I have three of them but have only read one. Coming from that background myself and now approaching my former idolatry from the standpoint of an observant Noahide I find it important to my own intellectual needs to read refutations of the falsehoods I was raised with.

IF this is important for you at this stage in your Noahide path, there are certainly many refutation books available, since the refutations are very well known and established. Many of these simply hinge on proper translation and proper understanding of the straightforward meaning of the original Hebrew text, and for that, you as a Noahide can read the traditional verse-by-verse explanations by Rashi (available for example on We also recommend the classical book by Ramban (Nachmanides), with his transcript of his forced refutation debate in Barcelona:

(01-01-2014, 04:40 AM)rocnoahide Wrote: In this same genre is Gerald Sigal who is Jewish and has written a number of books (some of which appear self-published which raises some questions for me) on the Messianic claims made by other religions, one which I am currently reading is "Isaiah 53 who is the servant" and I find it well written and researched and so far a "good read".

Thanks for that review. We have not yet reviewed the book.

(01-01-2014, 04:40 AM)rocnoahide Wrote: Other books on my list are more about "spirituality" in general and are authored by Rabbi's Lazer Brody, and another is by Shalom Arush.

Some, but not all, of the books by Rabbi Lazer Brody are directed more specifically to Jewish readers. The book by Shalom Arush which is published with Noahides in mind is "The Universal Garden of Emuna [faith]: A Practical Guide to Life".

(01-01-2014, 04:40 AM)rocnoahide Wrote: As for learning the 7 Mitzvot I stick with the Divine Code so I am not looking for other texts on that subject, but in general having been an educator myself at one time and having spent a great deal of my "free" time reading books on theology/spirituality which is my chosen topic of research I am looking for material's that are in that genre as well as more texts on Mashiach (the true Messiah from the dynasty of King David) which will help me formulate my words better as I "defend" my faith on the One G-d of the Bible and His commandments to Noah's descendants.

We have a list of recommended books on this subject, on this page of the web site:

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