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When the prohibition of seclusion with a forbidden partner applies for Gentiles

Sh'lom Michael,

the Divine Code states (p 555, topic 18):

"There is no prohibition of seclusion for Gentiles with elderly people who have already lost all lust for licentiousness. Therefore, an elderly man may be secluded with a younger woman, or an elderly woman with a younger man, since they would not normally be drawn into licentious acts."

Is there a source which gives the exact age when a person loses his or her lust?
There is no exact age for that.
For a Gentile man, this is referring to the point in his life at which he has lost his ability to engage in normal intercourse.

We are talking here about avoiding seclusion together in order to guard against the possibility of one or both being drawn into a physical attraction, or being susceptible to seduction, while secluded.

We are not talking about the case of a woman being secluded with a sinful man would commit sexual assault, since forceful assaults could be committed even against elderly women, G-d forbid.

From the Divine Code (p 552, topic 12):

"It is permitted for a Gentile man to be secluded by day with two women who dislike each other... Likewise, it is permitted for a Gentile man to be secluded with two wives of another man, or with a woman and her daughter-in-law, or with a woman and her stepdaughter, for the same reason."

If the Torah assumes a woman and her daughter-in-law dislike each other, does this mean they should not live together permanently in the same home?
No. That decision is left up to the individuals involved to decide for themselves. Ideally (human nature not withstanding), people should at least try like others as much as possible, and to be likable to others.

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