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Prostitution and adultery
Is there anything like formal marriage procedure for Noahides? From what I read above, it seems that as long as both partners maintain a shared home they are deemed married. But will not this simplistic solution lead to many problems? For example, the partners may agree at whim and separate instantly. I don't think that will be good for the individuals. Also please tell me dear friend that if two unmarried people agree to remain with each other without any formal social agreement or contract, will not that lead to social anarchy? This is what happened in USSR. In the early 1920s, the weakening of family ties produced nearly 7 million homeless children. This situation occurred mainly because marriage was declared as a personal choice of people with no affirmation from society. Also is it not true that social pressure is the main reason why people don't commit adultery? In short what is Noahide regulation on relations between unwed couples?
Thanks for your time, sorry if I was too long.

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