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Prostitution and adultery
Thank for your important question. The Torah Laws regarding these issues are explained in our book, "The Divine Code", Part 6 (The Prohibition of Forbidden Relations), p. 523-524:

" is forbidden for a Gentile man to marry a Jewess, or for a Gentile woman to marry a Jew, or for a Gentile to live with a Jewish person in a way of marriage, as G-d commanded the Jews (Deut. 7:3): 'You [Jews] shall not marry into them [the Gentiles], [and] do not give your daughter to their son, and you shall not take their daughter for your son.'"

The second part of the verse forbids a Jewish father from "giving" or "taking" a girl for this type of relationship, and if the girl is an adult she becomes responsible herself for acting in this prohibited manner.
Because the relationship is forbidden by Torah Law, therefore no Torah-Law status of actual marriage can be formed between a Jew and a Gentile, so this prohibition is separate from the issue of adultery.
Not only is this "marriage" type of relationship [a Jew and a Gentile living as husband and wife] forbidden for a Jew, but it is therefore also forbidden for a Gentile, as it is impossible to form a marriage lifestyle without the participation of both partners, and the Gentile would thereby be a partner to the Jew's sin.

Licentious relations between a Jew and a Gentile are also forbidden. If the woman is a Jew, see Deut. 23:18 and Lev. 18:19. If the man is a Jew, see Tractate Sanhedrin 81b-82a.

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