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Prostitution and adultery
First, you may have slightly misunderstood the quoted statement. For Gentiles, according to Torah Law, the minimum requirement for entering into a state of "marriage" is that the couple engages at least once in normal intercourse while having the mutual intention (during the act) that they are thereby consumating a "marriage bond" with each other. Included in this intention is that they are thereby "domestic partners" - with a shared home in which they live together in the manner of man and wife, as a matter of public knowledge.

So in answer to your question, if a couple is living together as a matter of public knowledge, and having marital relations together, then according to Torah Law they are already married. And the woman will therefore be liable for the sin of adultery if she has intercourse with any other man (and the other man would be an adulterer), as long as she is still living in that domestic arrangement with the first man, and they have not made a complete separation from each other.

If the couple are delaying the domestic-partner relationship, and the people around them don't view them as being domestic partners, then if they have sex together it is in the category of licentious fornication, outside of the context of marriage. That goes against G-d's intention stated in Genesis, that a man should "cling to [i.e. have marital relations with] his wife" - as opposed having relations in some other context.

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