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Living with relatives who follow man-made religions
Finch Wrote:1) How far should it be pushed to not have any idolatrous books or items in the home? If it would cause major discord in the marriage to discard such items, how should this be handled?

The Noahide spouse can request that the idolatrous books be stored out of sight, as personal belongings of the other spouse.

Finch Wrote:2) Prayer: If a Noahide leads a prayer to the G-d of Abraham for the family at mealtime, their spouse who follows another religion may be saying the prayer in their heart to "the G-d of Abraham" as they have been taught from the doctrinal perspective of their religion. Should a Noahide refrain from open prayer in such an instance?

That's not necessary. The Noahide can be more explicit in identifying that he/she is saying the prayer to the Creator of the Universe (Who is also the G-d of Abraham). For example, the Talmud teaches that Abraham himself led idolaters in prayer to G-d. After a meal, he told them to say:
"Blessed is G-d of the Universe, from Whose bounty we have eaten."

Finch Wrote:In general, it seems to me that you can't push the faith of the Noahide laws on a spouse or family member that believes otherwise. I think a better approach is to live according to the laws, and hope that the gentle persuasion of your actions and lifestyle convince them to follow suit. Is this the best approach?

It's one possible approach, and for some couples it might be the best approach. Sometimes other approaches might be better; for example, encouraging the other spouse to learn more about the Torah's Noahide Code (for example, from, and more about the true meaning of the Hebrew Scriptures (including the authentic translation of key verses, as you can find for example in the Stone Editions of the Five Books of Moses and the entire Hebrew Bible, from Artscroll publishers).

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