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What is Considered to be Stealing?
(01-19-2017, 03:48 PM)Director Michael Wrote: Quoting from "The Divine Code." 2nd Edition, Part VII, topic 1:7 -
"It is also forbidden to steal from relatives or to take something of theirs without their knowledge, to use it without permission. This applies even if one knows with certainty that if his relative learned that he did this, the relative would be happy that he benefited in this way. As long as permission has not been given, this is forbidden as theft."

Therefore what you should do is speak with your brother or write to him, and mention that you remembered that while you were staying at his house, you used some things of his (e.g. matches, food items, ... - can you name the other things?) without realizing that you should have asked him first if it was OK. Now you want to apologize for that, and if there are any of those things you used that he wouldn't have given you permission to do so, he should please let you know, and you'll be happy to reimburse him for them.

Thank you for this detailed reply and instructions! I will definitely try to be more careful in future too.

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