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Eating live creatures (not mammals or birds)
Question about what is the halachic status for eating Non-birds or non-mammals alive ?
I was watching some video's of eating live octopus, crabs, fish & frogs (yes, an east Asian thing, not at my local British restaurant)

Do these fall under the Noahide law against live animal eating - from what I saw they seem to be permitted as they are neither bird or mammal.
The Noahide prohibition of eating "meat from a living creature," as a capital sin, applies only to land mammals and birds. But an offshoot of that commandment is that it is not permitted to inflict unnecessary pain or suffering ("tza'ar ba'alei chayim" in Hebrew) on any living creatures:

Therefore eating those creatures that you mentioned alive does not violate the commandment against "eating meat from a living creature," but an upright person will not inflict unnecessary pain or suffering on a living creature.

All creatures are permitted as food for the Children of Noah (if they are not injurious to the person's health), and killing a creature for the sake of preparing it as food usually entails inflicting some pain and distress upon it. That is the permission given to human beings, to "rule over the animals." But people should not be cruel in applying this G'd-given privilege.

Therefore it is proper for a society to make civil laws that forbid and punish the infliction of cruelty upon living creatures.

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