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Going in morally upright ways

Rambam, end of Laws of the Sabbatical and Jubilee Years:
(This i have from Chumash Kol Menachem, synagogue ed. p. 1184)

[Clarified in brackets by Director Michael according to the Moznaim Mishneh Torah edition, translated by Rabbi Eliyahu Touger]

'Why did the tribe of Levi not [receive] part of the Land of Israel or its [spoils of war]?
Because they were singled out to [serve] G-d and [minister to Him], and to teach the public about His morally upright ways and fair laws - as the verse states, "They will teach your laws to Ya'akov and your Torah to Israel" (Devarim 33:10) Therefore they were separated from wordly matters: They do not join the [king's] army as the rest of the Jewish people, they do not inherit [owernship of land in Israel], and they cannot aquire [it] for themselves by a physical act. They are the army of G-d...
But this is not exclusive to the tribe of Levi. Rather, any type of person from among all the inhabitants of the world, whose spirit inspires him, and he resolves in his mind to set himself apart [from worldly pursuits], to stand before G-d and serve [Him], to [minister to] Him, and to know G-d; who [then acts upon his resolution and he] goes in a morally upright manner - following his inherent, God-given disposition, and he discards all the numerous concerns that people are normally preoccupied with - then he will *[be sanctified as a] holy of holies* [similar to Aaron the High Priest], and G-d will be his portion and his inheritance for all eternity. Even in this world, he will merit to receive [sufficient for] his material needs, in a similar manner to the priests and Levites, as we see that David [who was not from the tribe of Levi] said (Psalms 16:5), 'G-d is the portion of my inheritance and of my cup. You support my lot!'

- The 'Toras Menachem' (teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe) below states that "The Torah .. grants the power to any individual person who wishes to avail himself of the challenge, to become a true servant of G-d [and minister to Him], by making the effort .. to be "morally upright," despite social pressures in the opposite direction." -

So, my question is: How does this go beyond the required way of life for a Jew, and for a Noahide?

Thank you.

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