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3-D image reproduction of a human form
I'm reading the "divine code" and some questions came up in my head when i was reading the chapter on prohibition of idolatry.

From what i understood, prefect 3 dimensional reproduction of a full human or angel is forbidden .

Now tell me if those things are legal to make, sell or own.
I'm giving modern examples:

-Superman doll for kids
-Elvis presley ( wax statue )
-Female mannequin ( store window display for clothes)
Wax statues and store mannequins can be considered as decorative figures, and therefore the prohibition of anatomically correct full human figures, or human-like angel figures, applies.

From "The Divine Code," Volume I, Part 2, Chapter 5:

"If a toy figure or doll has an anatomically correct human form, we consider two types: (1) collector’s pieces that are valued by adults, and which might be displayed for decoration – these can be made permissible by removing a feature, for example, by cutting off an ear ...; (2) toys for children’s play, which are permitted as they are, since they are not intended for decorative purposes... But if the toy’s features are not accurate, the toy is permitted from the outset."
If lets say the doll was missing his or her genital organs, it would be permit to keep it. Yes?
Since a children's doll-toy of type (2) described above is permitted to keep in any event, then that detail is irrelevant.

The decorative and valued dolls of type (1) described above are usually dressed in clothes when they are displayed, so what is under the clothes and hidden from view is irrelevant, if it does not detract from the life-like appearance of the visible anatomically-correct features.
Sh'lom! I have a question. In my art class in school, we will have to make self-portraits in clay, depicting our heads, not the body. Is that okay? I understand it so from "The Divine Code." Or have I misunderstood?
So, is it okay making a 3-dimensional picture of a human head?
This is permitted for Gentiles, if the purpose is for art or decoration, and not for a purpose associated with idolatry.
What about trophies or other awards that consist of a complete 3D human figure and is anatomically accurate? Since it's only to show that an award has been won and is not specifically there for decoration, would it still need to be nullified?
If such a figure is put on display, it should be nullified. If you just keep it stored away where it's not seen, it wouldn't have to be nullified. But eventually the responsibility for nullifying the figure or keeping it stored away will pass on to someone else. So you should consider nullifying it anyway, just to be on the safe side for the future, for yourself or for others.

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