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Questions about Tehillim (Psalms)
Joachim ben Noach Wrote:1. Should one preferably continue praying if interrupted (by people)?

Since there is not a fixed prayer liturgy for Gentiles, this is not a problem. But if one is going to begin to say a prayer with concentration and devotion, one should try to do so without interruption.

Quote:And is there here a difference between being in the middle of a single psalm; and a sequence of, let us say, the Tikkun HaKlali etc.

You can continue from the beginning of the verse in which you were interrupted.

Quote:2. May the Tikkun HaKlali be said for many souls? (A single chain of prayers for physical healing, i know, may be said for multiple people.)

Yes. Just try to mention the names of the people you are going to be praying for, and what their need is. When praying for a Gentile, one should try to mention the person's given names and the given names of his or her father. If the name of the father is not known, you can use "son/daughter of Noah" (or "ben/bas Noah" as the Hebrew form).
When praying for a Jew, one should try to mention the person's given names and the given names of his or her mother. If the name of the mother is not known, you can use "son/daughter of Sarah" (or "ben/bas Sara" as the Hebrew form).

Quote:3. Should a non-Jew begin saying the Psalm of his year on the day of his lunar, or solar birthday?
And, though it might be out of place here: should/may an observant non-Jew go by the lunar cycle, and so count his lunar birthday, keeping the solar year secondary? Or is the non-Jew forever bound beneath the glare of the sun?

Rabbi Moshe Weiner, author of "The Divine Code," says that a believing Noahide may choose to establish his birthday by the Hebrew lunar calender.

There are numerous Orthodos Jewish web sites with Hebrew calendars. For example:

Note that in the Hebrew lunar calendar, the day day starts at sunset. So in determining your Hebrew birthdate from the Gregorian date, it's important to know if you were born between sunset and midnight, because that will shift the correspondence to the next day on the Hebrew calendar.

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