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Questions about Tehillim (Psalms)
To be accurate, the word "daven" is a technical Torah-law term that only applies for Jews. It does not mean prayer in general. It is from the Aramaic phrase "d'Avuhon," meaning "from our fathers." This refers to the commands that the three Patriachs of the Jewish people, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, respectively gave for their male Israelite (Jewish) descendents (obligatory starting at the age of 13) to pray three times every day: morning, afternoon and evening. Gentiles are not obligated to "daven" - i.e. to pray every day within a specific time span during the day and night.

Here is the answer about this that was sent by Rabbi Moshe Weiner, author of "The Divine Code," Volume 1, which includes a chapter about Noahide prayer:

There are no Torah laws directed to Gentiles about not making interruptions during their prayers.
But out of awe of G-d's surrounding Presence, and honor for one's prayer to Him, there has to be a strong reason for a Gentile to justify making an interruption during his or her prayer or blessing to G-d.

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