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Shall we say "Thank G-d" or "Thank Hashem"

When somene asks how we are doing for example, would it be appropriate to respond "Thank G-d, I am doing well." or would it be more appropriate to say "Thank Hashem, I am doing well." since "G-d" can kind of be like maybe His (Holy and Blessed) Name?
Thank you!
It is acceptable to say Thank G-d or Praise G-d when asked how one is. G-d is not one of the Holy names that one may only mention in prayer. The Saintly Baal Shem Tov had a custom of greeting people and asking them how they were to prompt them to praise and thank Hashem and invoke His name at all times, even in mundane affairs such as inquiries of ones well being.It is a very praiseworthy thing to do.

Rabbi Yitz
Rabbi Yitz
I understand that it is OK to say "Thank or Praise G-d" but, is it OK to say "Thank or Praise Hashem"? I'm not quite certain by the answer to the question.
Thank you
Either one is OK, since the Hebrew word "HaShem" (literally meaning "The Name") can be used instead of "G-d" in mundane speech or writing. (It is not one of the Holy Names of G-d which can't be erased or desecrated; rather, it stands in place of a Holy Name, as a substituted title.) But part of the intention of speaking G-d's praises is that a person who hears you should understand what you are saying. So if the people hearing you don't understand the Hebrew word "HaShem," you are missing out on part of the intended accomplishment.
ProudNoachide Wrote:Shalom Rabbis and Director Michael-
Now I know that it is a good thing to say "Thank G-d" whenever anyone asks me how I am doing, no matter how I think I am doing, but shall we still say "Thank G-d" when we are in the restroom and certain places? At work we have large three stalled restrooms and someone invariably asks me how I am when we are there.
Thank you!
(Posted 07-12-2007 09:20 PM)

Instead of using a name of G-d (in any language) in an unclean place where it would not be proper to pray (like a restroom), you can say "thank the One Above."

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