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Liturgy / Prayer Book (Siddur)
Hrvatski Noahid Wrote:Are there any additional obligations for praying services incumbent on Edomite Noahides, such as the 3 daily prayers mentioned above? I imagine the answer lies in the fact that these were instituted specifically for the Jewish people, and although Edom was a born Jew, his descendants have forfeited any such obligation.

Yes, Edom/Esau was born to Isaac and Rebecca with a quality of "spiritual Jewishness," as was his twin brother Jacob, but he separated himself spiritually from this heritage, and he married idolatrous Canaanite wives. Like other Gentiles, his descendants are not obligated in the unique Abrahamic/Israelite commandments or spiritual traditions.

However, the world's advance toward the imminent coming of the Messianic Era depends on the destined spiritual refinement of all the Gentile nations in general, and in particular those who are the physical and/or spiritual Edomites of our time. This was explained in this discourse by the Rebbe in 19'90:

A brief except of this discourse:
"[The Torah] emphasizes that there is an advantage to the service of the Gentile and that this advantage can be achieved through the service of the Jews [by their teaching the Torah's Seven Noahide Commandments to the nations of the world]. Indeed, the most complete level of a Jew's service must include these activities as well. This prepares the world for the revelation of G-d's sovereignty and the advent of the era when 'I will make the peoples pure of speech, that they will all call on the Name of G-d and serve Him with a single purpose.' [Zephaniah 3:9]"

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