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Liturgy / Prayer Book (Siddur)
scott allen Wrote:Thank you that was very helpful.  That clears some misunderstanding for me.  I knew there were different offerings, but not clear how a gentile might partake in the process.
So my next question is:  How did a Noahide approach to be able to give a sacrificial offering?  And at what time of day would this have  taken place?

The sacrificial offerings from individuals could be brought to an officiating Priest for slaughter in the Temple courtyard and sprinkling of the blood on the alter during the daytime, between sunrise and sunset.

The type of offering brought by a Gentile was a "burnt offering" which he or she had vowed or pledged to bring to the Holy Temple. For a burnt offering, the entire body of the animal was burned on the alter, i.e. it was offered entirely to G-d, without any part being eaten by the Gentile or by the officiating Priest (Kohein). Note for example the sacrifices brought by Abel (Gen. 4:4) and Noah (Gen. 8:20). Also see our web page

scott allen Wrote:Also, what would the sacrifice have been for?  Sin, thanksgiving.... what?

The Hebrew word for a sacrificial offering ("korban") has the same root as the word which means "to come close." The burnt offering was an expression of the individual's desire to more completely dedicate himself to being close to G-d and to fulfilling G-d's Will.

Even if a Gentile brought a sacrifice as a personal "peace offering," i.e. an offering in celebration or for giving thanks to G-d, it was offered as a burnt offering.

scott allen Wrote:Does a Noahide also participate, albeit in a limited fashion, on Yom Kippur?  Sorry if the question has already been asked.  I'm like a dry sponge here, just soaking in information.

Please see our Forum thread titled "Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur,"

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