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Raising Kosher Beef, Chicken, etc.
I'm looking for information on whether it is possible for observant Noahides to raise cattle, in particular, and chickens as well to be halachicly slaughtered and marketed for consumption by Orthodox Jewish communities. I'm sure there is a lot of detail to this but if a non-Jew can't raise the cattle in the first place, I'll know not to pursue the idea further.
Thanks for any information,
jake (currently in Alaska but looking at going back home to eastern Kansas)
Sh'lom Jake,

It is indeed a standard practice in the kosher-meat industry for the kosher-meat companies to buy from Gentiles who raise the livestock or poultry. There are well-established industry practices, and like any business, you should learn as much about it as you can before making any serious commitments.

Bear in mind that even though the farmer is raising kosher species of livestock or poultry, each individual animal or bird belongs to the farmer (or animal wholesaler) until after it is kosher-slaughtered and approved by an expert Jewish "shohet" (who normally is employed by the kosher-meat company). The carcass has to pass an on-the-spot examination of its internal organs, to find out if the animal is disqualified as a "treife" (due to certain internal injuries, defects or illnesses). If it passes inspection and is not "treife," the kosher-meat company will buy the carcass, and it goes through kosher processing to remove the blood. If it does not pass the internal inspection or if there was an error in the kosher-slaughtering cut ("shehitah"), the farmer (or the meat wholesaler) sells the carcass as non-kosher meat.
For Jews, there is no question at all - kosher meat is better, because it is forbidden for Jews to eat unkosher meat.

If you are a Gentile, you can research the health, safety, and humane treatment records of any producers of kosher or unkosher consumer meat products that you have a choice of purchasing. You can also do your own taste-tests, to find out how kosher or unkosher meat performs in your favorite recipes. But if you know that a particular slaughter house allows the butchering of livestock or poultry to start before an animal is fully dead (before the heart has permanently stopped beating), then the unkosher meat from those animals is forbidden to be eaten.

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